Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Left Behind

8:30 - (crying) Mommy!  I wanted to say goodbye to Mary Grace on the bus and the bus came and I was not there!  (That's because you chose to watch Tangled on my iPad instead of getting dressed, darling child, it's called "choices," you made them.)

8:33 - Mommy?  When will Mary Grace be home?

8:45 - Mommy?  Can I have apples?  (No, I don't have apples.  Do you want a banana?) No. (An orange?) No. (Strawberries?) No. (Applesauce?) No.  Can I have apples? (No.)

8:51 - Mommy? Can I color a picture?  (Sure, what do you want to color?  Printing and coloring the picture takes approximately 32 seconds).

9:01 - Mommy?  When will Mary Grace be home?

9:03 - Mommy?  It's hard when everyone goes and I have to stay at home.  Home is boring.  (I know sweetheart, your school starts Tuesday.)

9:07 - Mommy?  Why can't we go to the Children's Museum?  (Because Jack's asleep and because by the time we got down there we'd have to turn around to come back to get Mary Grace.)

9:09 - Mommy?  Why is the Children's Museum so far away?  (....)

9:10 - Mommy?  Can I go see if Jack's awake?  (No.)

9:11 - Mommy?  What if Jack is awake and happy and quiet?  I should better go see...  (No.)

9:14 - Mommy?  I'm hungry.  (Ok!  Let's make fun breakfast burritos!  Making them takes 4 minutes.)

9:18 - Mommy?  I'm just not hungry right now.

9:19 - Mommy?  Is it time to go get Mary Grace yet?

9:20 - Mommy?  I should better go check and see if Mary Grace is outside.

9:24 - Mommy?  Why does Mary Grace get to ride the bus?  When do I get to ride the bus?

9:27 - Mommy?  (What?)  ....

9:29 - Mommy?  (WHAT?)  ...

9:30 - MOMMY?  (WHAAAAAAAAAAA???)  Noffing.

9:36 - Mommy?  I'm bored.

9:41 - Mommy?  I should better go wake Jack up.  I mean...  I should ...  Jack might be awake.

9:44 - Mommy?  When is Jack going to be awake?

9:52 - Mommy?  Jack is sleeping for a long time.

9:54 - Mommy?  When you were a little kid, did Mary Grace go to Kindergarten?

9:55 - 9:57 - rolling around on the floor, wrapping throw pillows around her head, lest she explode from sheer boredom.

9:58 - Mommy?  I don't like my pants.

9:59 - Mommy?  Can we call Uncle Chuck?  (Uncle Chuck is working, honey...)

10:02 - Mommy?  Why can't we go somewhere?  (Jack's asleep.)

10:04 - Mommy?  I think I heard Jack.

10:05 - Mommy?  I should better go see if I can wake Jack up.

10:07 - (Comcast calls to make sure everything they fixed yesterday is still working.  I keep the guy on the phone for EIGHT MINUTES talking about the hurricane and Dell's shitty tech support, just so that I don't have to listen to Claire.)

10:15- Mommy?  Who was that?

10:16 - Mommy?  How do you talk to Daddy in the computer?

10:18 - 10:20 - wandering listlessly around the toyroom looking for something to do.

10:21 - Mommy?  I don't like these pants.  Hey, they have purple!  (Suddenly she likes them.)

10:22 - Mommy?  Can we go get Mary Grace in free minutes?  (No, she's busy.  Your school will start soon and then YOU'LL be busy.)

10:26 - Mommy?  Can I watch Rapunzel on the iPad. (YES!)

10:28 - Mommy?  I don't like this part.  Let's go get Mary Grace.

10:31 - Mommy?  You said we could go get Mary Grace.

10:33 - Mommy?  Was that Jack?

10:37 - Mommy?  I'm hungry (Then eat the fun breakfast burrito I already made for you!)  I'm not hungry.

10:39 - Mommy?  What are we doing later?  (The Farmer's Market, and maybe we'll go to Daddy's office.)

10:45 - Mommy?  What are you doing?  Can I type my name?

10:51 - Mommy?  I think I should go to school with Mary Grace.

10:52 - Mommy?  I wanna go right now.

10:54 - Mommy?  Why does Mary Grace hafta go 'way?

10:55 - Mommy?  I wanna go right NOW.

10:57 - Mommy?  Why is school SO long?

10:59 - Mommy?  How many minutes?

11:01 - Mommy? Can we go now?

11:06 - Mommy?  Is Jack awake?

11:08 - Mommy?  I'm bored!

11:11 - Mommy?  How many minutes?

11:15 - (we finally leave).

Thank GOD we didn't opt for full day kindergarten, oh my. 


Erin said...

I'm so thankful Abby can't talk very much! We have Katelynn in all-day Kindergarten. Dismissal is at 3:15 and we leave by 2:30 to get her. Yes, the car line is THAT bad! Anyway, when I tell Abby it's time to get Katelynn, she makes a beeline for the door, yelling "Kate! Kate! Kate!" and jumping up and down with excitement. Exactly two minutes later as we're driving down the road, Abby's out for about an hour nap and doesn't wake up until we get home.

Sarah said...

Oh, this sounds like my past week. Thankfully everyone is in school starting tomorrow...

RobMonroe said...

Aye aye aye! You need to get that girl a TV! :) Sorry - it will likely get old for her and she will come up with another way to pass her time.