Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Letter from Mimi

Part of the reason I keep this blog is so that my kids will know what life was like when they were too little to remember.  (Well, that, and because sometimes cool people give me iPads and prizes and stuff.  It arrived today, and all I want to do is go home and play with it, but I have to be a grown up and work and stuff.  :( )

With that in mind, I want to record for posterity (not to brag....... much.  :) ) the email I got from Aunt Mimi last night.  It made me cry.

Top 10 reasons that I love your kids:
10. They are tough little cookies.  Claire falls in the parking lot and yet she's fine.  Mary Grace's ankle starts bleeding, no prob, a bandaid will fix it.
9.  They ADORE showtunes.  Claire asked to hear the Wicked cd, but it wasn't in my car so we listened to the entire Annie cd and then they went back for more.  Love it!!  Claire picked a song that she wanted to hear again and so did Mary Grace.  It was fantastic!
8.  They deal with a change of plans with such composure and grace.  Mary Grace:  Ummm, I thought we were going to the park??  Me:  We are, but it doesn't have a splashpad like the other one does.  Mary Grace:  O.K!
7.  They laugh at my jokes.  (Well, Mary Grace gets them, Claire will in time)  I said something completely over their heads and Mary Grace repeated it in the backseat with a chuckle.  Which leads me to #6-
6.  They are freakin' hilarious.  I laugh a lot just listening to the crazy things that they say.  Tonight we played Barbies.  Hilarious!  I have no idea where they come up with this stuff. 
5.  They don't freak out when it's time to leave.  It's just "time to leave" and they go...no problem  Sweet Claire was so tired today but didn't want to admit it.  "Mimi, can we go back to Grandma's house now??"  We stayed at the park for another 20 minutes but yet she was just fine!
4.  Have I mentioned their adorable little faces?  How could you not love them.  Seriously, you have outstandingly beautiful children.
3.  Their tender little hearts.  They *truly* care about each other.  They were playing at the new downtown stage and the other kids were jumping off the front of the stage.  MG jumped off and then went back to help Claire.  She picked her up and set her down on the ground.  It melted my heart...
2.  They hold hands.  It reminds me why I want my kid to have a sister.  :)
1.  They are so sweet and by far the nicest kids on the play ground.  Mary Grace asked other kids to play and the other kids said that they wanted to play by themselves.  (I had to refrain from knocking out all of their teeth.  Seriously I don't know how you do it)  She took it in stride and even WAVED GOODBYE to the little bitches.  So we left and went to another park where we met a new little girl.  Mary Grace said, "Hi!  I'm going to be six, how old are you?"  And then they ran around the playground. 
You are raising fantastic children that I love being around.  I just thought that I would let you know.

There aren't any awards in parenting.  You don't even get a participation medal.  And you have to wait 20 or 30 years to find out whether or not you're doing it right!  But sometimes you get an email like this, and it makes you feel like you just won the Mom of the Year award.  (Of course, they get all their sweet qualities from their Dad, and all the rest from me...  But I still get the award because I was smart enough to choose him!)

Can you make a parent's day, today, by sending a note like this?

Love you, Mimi!!!  I know how to raise awesome sisters because I have one.  Thanks for making my day!  (PS - I'm still laughing over the "little bitches" on the playground. Was it the butterfly park where Claire got attacked last year? Maybe we need to stop going there!)

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I love Aunt Mimi, too. What an amazing note.

Every now and again you'll get a warm note or comment of praise about your children, and it means all the more when it's unexpected.

And those little bitches? you didn't want to play with them anyway, honey.

--julia G