Sunday, August 14, 2011

Proud to be a Hoosier

Driving home from dinner last night, we got caught in a terrible storm.  It was crazy windy, the clouds were all different colors of black and gray, there was hail, driving wind, and rain so heavy that the highway slowed to a crawl.  It didn't last long, but it did a lot of damage.

By now, you've probably heard about the stage that collapsed during the same storm at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Saturday night just before a concert by country group Sugarland.  The video is horrifying:

Watching it made me cry.  But I had to back it up and watch it again, because look at 0:13.

The people ran BACK.

Even as the storm worsened, even though no one knew if the debris was stable (it was safer to assume that it wasn't), my fellow Hoosiers rushed back toward the stage less than a second after it hit the ground, to help those who were trapped and injured.  They could have been electrocuted by the lighting wires, they could have been hit by lightning (standing near a huge metal thing on the ground in an electrical storm), but they went back.

That's why I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Well done, Indiana.

Our family's thoughts are with all the victims of this tragedy and their families, and all of those who witnessed this horrible scene in person.

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Charlotte said...

I was thinking the same things as I watched the video. We were driving home during that storm as well.

We had friends at the Fair that were safe and we are so grateful.

I am another proud Hoosier.