Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cuppycake!

Dear Mary Grace,

This morning you turned six.  It absolutely blows my mind that you're six whole years old, because it feels like you were just born.  Six.  That's a third of your childhood.  I do not feel old enough to have a daughter who is six.  You're getting to an age that I remember.  I remember when Mimi was born, and I was 5.  I remember when my Papa died, and I was six.  I remember school.  I find myself wondering which things you're going to remember about your life now when you're my age.

And speaking of school, holy cow, how is it possible that you're starting REAL school next week?  You are SO excited!  I hope that you stay as excited about school as you are today until you get your Ph.D.  We found out today that you've been switched to the morning class (funny story, right after the school secretary called me, I realized that we had an appointment to meet your old teacher tomorrow morning, so I called right back to find out if we keep that time or get another... but while I was pushing one for this and three for that to get through the voice maze, I started thinking, "Oh, I really should call BJ and tell him that Mary Grace got into half day Kindergarten."  So when I heard the beep, instead of saying, "This is Amy Austin, I was calling to confirm our appointment to meet Mary Grace's teacher..." I ended up saying, "Hi honey, it's me.  I just got a call from the school and Mary Grace got into the half day class, so yay!  I'll talk to you later.  Love you, bye."  And I didn't even realize that I was telling the school secretary's voicemail, "Love you, bye!" until I hung up!!!  I'm sorry your mom is such a total dork.)

ANYWAY, when I told you that you were going half days, I said, "And now we can do so many fun things in the afternoon!  We can go to the park, go on playdates, go to the zoo and the museum!!!"  You were really excited, and I was so glad.  I was afraid you'd be upset about not going full days.  I promise we'll stay and eat lunch at school once in a while, if we can.

A couple days ago Claire asked Daddy, "What am I going to do when Mary Grace is in school all the time?" so she was really relieved that you're going to be going half days next year.  I am, too.  We're going to have lots of fun.  And we're saving a boatload of money.

You are SO tall!

Daddy took you out for breakfast for your birthday this morning, and you had pie.  You brought half of it home for Claire, just like last year.  I love the way you two are so close.  And oh my gosh, are you both coo coo over your brother.  I would've thought that you'd get bored with him by now, but you both just adore him, and you constantly want to hold him and hug him and kiss him.  One of the sweetest things I've ever seen is the three of you curled up, you and Claire reading books to Jack.  We had lunch at Noodles, and we had birthday dinner at home with lots of family.  It was a fun day. 

Here's the checklist I started doing when you were a baby:

Your favorite toy for playing is: Barbies- especially making dresses at the Children's Museum, Polly Pockets, Little People

Your favorite toy for snuggling is: your panda bears

Your favorite food is: "Spaghetti.  Actually, cake!"

Your favorite book is: Junie B. Jones

Your favorite activity is: playing with friends and family

Your favorite place to go is: Noodles

Your best friend is: Claire and Esther

You, Claire, Iris, and Esther at the Children's Museum

Something new that you're doing: Adding 3 digit numbers (123 + 456, etc.) 

Something you've mastered: turning the TV on and off, reading (seriously, you just read "turning on and off the TV" over my shoulder!)

Something people say about you: "She's so sweet!"

Something that you're saying is:  You quote the Junie B. Jones books.  You especially think that "behiney" is hilarious.

Something Dad and I are proud of you for: I can't pick just one thing.  We're proud of EVERYTHING you are, Cuppycake.

Something surprising about you: You've lost a whole bunch of teeth already.  I think your 8th and 9th teeth are wiggly now - I've lost count.  The tooth fairy is going broke. 

What you want to be when you grow up: a veterinarian ("for pets, not wild animals").

You are such a wonderful girl, Mary Grace.  It is such a privilege to be your mom.


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RobMonroe said...

Happy Happy Mary Grace Day! She really is getting big!