Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another $25 Virus

I swear to God, the doctor ought to just put an ATM in the lobby, and I can swipe my card and it can withdraw $25 and say, "It's just a virus, keep doing what you're doing."  Honestly.  But the one time I don't take him, it'll be pneumonia.

It seems to me that it's excessive to have another horrible cough a mere 3 weeks after the last horrible cough.  His temperature was 103.1 at the doctor's office.

<insert rant about medicine doses and how stupid it is that they don't put them on bottles for anyone under 6, anymore, here>

<insert additional rant about how grossly inaccurate all my thermometers are, here>

I'm too tired to rant.  We were up all night.  Jack would settle down, then he'd cough and wake himself up, then he'd cry.  He's slept most of the day, today.  Some of us didn't have that option, Jack.  He'll probably be up all night.  Being sick is crummy, but having sick kids is bullshit.  I am ready for spring.

Dad is getting me an Italian beef sandwich from my favorite place, so that should help.  The kids are having fish sticks.

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