Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The One About the Shower

I could steal all of my mom's photos and repost them here, but instead I'm just going to point you over to her blog (yes, of course my mom has a blog) so that you can see all of them and I don't have to plagiarize her.  So click on over there and check out what she did.  It was amazing.

Oh ok, I'll post one picture as a tease....  You have to click through so that you can see what made them make these faces:

Denna and Megan during the "big reveal"
...so go on over there, now, to see the rest!

Way to go, Mom.  Great work, as always.


DPA said...

Never knew deviled-eggs could be chicks! By the looks of the sharp photos, nothing was left-out as far as 'little touches' go. Simply stunning.

Denna said...

Thanks Amy! I loved planning it, and Megan's reaction made it all worth it! Sooooooo fun!