Sunday, February 12, 2012

Miscellaneous News

When BJ and I learned last night that Whitney Houston had died (age 48), I said, "I just don't understand... why would anyone seek fame when it's so deadly?  Look at all the celebrities who have died from drugs.  Amy Winehouse, Elvis, John Belushi, Marilyn Monroe, Brittney Murphy, Kurt Cobain...  I could go on and on.  So why would anyone want to be famous??"

Genuine question.  I honestly have no idea.

Her daughter is only 18.  I sure wasn't ready to lose a parent at age 18.  I'm 35, and the thought of it still makes me tear up.

In other news, One Million Moms, a division of the American Family Association, decided to boycott JC Penney because Ellen was named as their new spokesperson, so all the mommybloggers of the world, who love Ellen, decided to go shopping at JC Penney today to support Ellen...  and even though I love Ellen and find the AFA obnoxious, I'm not going to go.  It seems to me that the whole thing smells of invented controversy, to win back the mommybloggers after the whole, "I'm too pretty to do my homework so my brother does it for me..." t-shirt thing last fall.

Much closer to home, the news is good.  Claire's fever is gone and she's back to fighting with her siblings.  You can always tell when people are sick around here, because they're too tired to fight.  She's still coughing, but I expect that to last until May or June.  This weird weather...

Penny cleared 6 months of age without us sending her back, and she is actually showing great improvement.  While she still steals toys all the flipping time, at least now she drops them when we tell her to, most of the time.  The kids are also getting much better about not leaving their crap everywhere, which has been an unexpected bonus.

Jack is getting new teeth - the really big ones toward the back, which is hateful.  But the reflux thing seems to be improving.  My friend Monica was here shortly after we took him off of his meds, and she pointed out that while the cough sounds hideous, it doesn't really seem to slow him down at all.  He just keeps going.  He doesn't even come to me for comfort.  So we're just kind of letting it go, for now.  It seems to be improving since he's started walking - maybe being upright more often helps, too.  Who knows?  But it doesn't seem fair to put him through a bunch of painful and dangerous tests if he's not really bothered by the cough.  I'm watching him closely, and the instant he seems to be bothered by it again we'll do something, but for now we're just watching and hoping that he continues to improve.

Dad brought KFC over for dinner last night, immediately after going to the doctor about his blood pressure.  "I think we've found the problem, Dr. House!" I said.  (Sorry, Dad, that was just too funny to leave off of the blog!)

Mary Grace is fine.  No news is good news.

And finally, my behind.  Would you believe that after a full week, it is still swollen and sore?  It still hurts to put pressure on the bruised cheek, so I end up sitting crooked, which is starting to really annoy my back and neck.  I think I might need to see a chiropractor, once things are better, to get everything back where it's supposed to be.  The bruise is spectacular.  I look kind of like a peacock.

BJ wants to go ice skating this afternoon.  Jack and I are going to watch.  I don't want to risk a matching bruise on the other cheek!

All right, gotta go.  The kids are driving me insane because they want lunch.  Happy Sunday!


Bev said...

Thanks for the newsy update post! Even though I was a bit too young to be an Elvis fan, I was old enough to be appalled when I read that he couldn't even go shopping because he would be accosted by fans. Celebrity life never appealed to me after realizing that about its reality, not that I was ever in any danger of becoming a celebrity...giggle!

Rob Monroe said...

I don't think that JCP is doing anything disingenuine, Ellen is not the type that would participate in something like that. My two cents.

On Celebrity - yes you have a good list of folks that died from drugs, but there is a long list of those that have made hundreds of millions and success without such issues leading to their death. (As Garth Brooks comes on my iPod, I'm reminded of several others, too! Good timing, iPod - that's a rarity!)

Still sorry about your butt, but Vanilla Ice is going to stick. :)