Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Shower!

Today I spent all day in Grammaland at my baby sister's baby shower.  There's something most surreal about having a baby shower for someone you remember holding on the day she was born.  It's a day I've looked forward to ever since we were kids.  I am so looking forward to making the word "aunt" into a verb.

She and her husband were most generously showered.  I don't think little Kate will ever have to wear the same onesie twice.  Now all they need is a bigger house so they have room for all the supplies!

Everyone kept telling me how nice everything was, but Mom did it all.  She knocked it out of the park.  The decorations were fabulous.  I'll have to get some pictures from her to share, because I used her camera all day.

In my speech, because I always make a speech, I said, "I hope your family brings you two as much joy as you have brought to all of us."  That pretty much sums it all up.

How beautiful to already be loved so much before you've even taken your first breath.

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Rob Monroe said...

A - Not surprised that you "always" make a speech. Just sayin.

B - love the idea of "Aunt" as a verb and think that if anyone can do that, it's you.

Congrats to all involved. :)