Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nothing to Report

When serious things happen to my friends, I find it really difficult to write about my frivolous little concerns here.  Everything (even Jack's $25 virus which caused him to cry non-stop from noon until 2:30 until I finally, brilliantly, put him in his high chair with an Oreo and Sesame Street and there was silence for 10 whole minutes) seems so tiny and solvable by comparison.

We must remember to enjoy these years when our children's biggest problems can be solved with a boob or a bottle, a clean diaper, maybe a Band-aid or a cookie...  It doesn't stay that way.  All too soon these kids will be adults, with adult concerns and adult problems, and then we won't have the power to fix anything at all.  I got a peek into that world, and it is really scary.

I don't know if I can do it.  My kids might just have to stay little.  

Everyone's fine, everyone will be fine.  I'm just feeling too serious tonight to complain about my silly little life.

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Rob Monroe said...

Sorry so serious - hope whatever is weighing on your mind is lifted soon...