Monday, February 27, 2012

How I Spent My Christmas Money

So back in 2006 Ze Frank had this show, and I watched it every week and it always made me laugh and made me think.  This song, in particular, meant a lot to me.  I've even taught it to the kids.

When my friend Brandon emailed me and told me that Ze had started a funding campaign on Kickstarter, it didn't take me long to realize that I wanted to use the rest of my Christmas money to help him bring back The Show.  Who else makes earth sandwiches, I ask you??

If you're reading this, you're probably into the same stuff I am, and maybe The Show meant something to you, too.  If so, now you know.  As of right now, we have until March 9 to raise $25,000 more.  I gave a $100 pledge.  Wish I had $7500 to have lunch with him.  That would be awesome.  It appears that he just started the funding campaign today, so I think he'll make his goal.


Picture borrowed from Ze's Google+ page - is anyone still using that thing?


Kim said...

I don't know Ze Frank, but I'll make a pledge to his campaign if you, in turn, will either A) Send me in the mail one of those Christmas pictures in your banner or B) Email me a decent enough sized scan of that Christmas picture in your banner that I can print it out without it looking like crap.

Because I LOVE that picture, and I need to have a newer picture of the girls (and one of Jack), anyway, for my hallway display thing.

Amy Austin said...

Of course! Do you want the one of all of us, or the cuter one of just the kids? :)

Kim said...

The one of ALL of you.

Amy Austin said...

I emailed them both to you yesterday (which reminded me to order a print of the one of the kids to frame and put up). Didn't you get them?

Check your Bozo bin - they were forwarded from my friend Jen to me, and maybe you spam filter forwards?