Friday, October 26, 2012

Bitch on the Train

Amy: if my husband helps, can we put some of your stuff up on the shelf above so my son can sit on the seat?

Bitch: no. I have suitcases all the way through. There are plenty of other seats.

Amy: we're a family of six trying to sit together.

Bitch: that's not my problem.

I'm going to let Jack get potato chip crumbs all over her crap. I hope someday you travel with children, Train Bitch. And I hope when you do that people are nasty to you.

Almost everyone else in Chicago was delightful, though, and we had a great day. We are all exhausted, which is probably why I can't just let the Train Bitch's comment slide. Maybe Jack will get motion sick and puke all over her stuff. That would be perfect.

I'm gonna squeeze him.


Kristin said...

Wow. Some people. You should have told her that it wasn't your problem she had so many suitcases. True daily train riders don't treat like that!

Bev said...

There are often days when I feel like 'flypaper for freaks' ... apparently, today on the train, it was your turn.

I'm so glad the rest of your day was fine. Our grands have such fun everywhere we go in the city when they're here.