Thursday, October 4, 2012

Bad Blogger, No Cookie!

There's been a lot going on lately with work and school, but nothing really notable that rated its own blog post.  BJ is in DC (returning tonight) on a business trip.  He would probably get irritated if I went into much detail about that.  The kids get so cranky when he's gone.  "It's hard without Daddy here," Claire said this morning.  Yeah, kiddo, it's hard.

Mary Grace had a fever last night (she's the easiest patient ever - she just wanted to sleep), so she's home from school.  I'm selfishly excited, because if she's home I can take a really long shower and not worry that Jack will have put all his toys in the toilet, dumped the trash all over the floor, or performed abdominal surgery on the dog in my absence.  And she's not really sick anymore (fever has gone, she ate breakfast, she just wants to rest) so I don't feel too awful asking her to straighten up the toy room.  (The 24 hour fever free policy is in effect.)

I have my Daisies meeting tonight.  Tomorrow we're seeing a show with a couple friends.  A birthday party for another friend on Saturday.  I'm hopeful that we'll finally get the porch painted with the rest of the time this weekend.  We'll see.

The bus just came and gobbled up the kids, so I can go get that shower now!  Woo hoo!

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