Thursday, October 18, 2012


Police carClaire was at a nearby high school in another town for a convocation this morning when some asshole decided to rob a bank that's near the school.  I just got a text that the high school was on lockdown while MY baby was there.

The text said that everyone is fine at the school, both our school's students and the ones who attend that school.  I received a text from Nixle (do you Nixle?  You should) about the bank robbery, but it never occurred to me that it would affect Claire's field trip.

She was already worked up about this field trip because it's about fire safety, and MG's class watched a video yesterday when they did their fire safety field trip about calling 911 that upset her - a baby drank bleach and the older sibling called 911.  Claire didn't want to watch the video today.  Luckily her teacher said it wasn't on their agenda.  No, instead of a video, they got the much scarier experience of being locked down because of some psycho with a gun running around the area.  Nice.

I wonder what they told the kids.  I wonder if she's going to be freaked out.

I trust Claire's teacher completely, and I know she wouldn't scare the kids unnecessarily, but I'm worried about what announcements might have been made over the PA that would have scared her.  I guess I'll find out when she gets home.

And my good friend Anxiety is whispering in my head about all the what ifs.  I just don't think I'll feel calm until I see her tonight.

School is scary.  Letting them out into the world at all is scary.  Sometimes I miss the days when they were never more than an arm's length away from me.  I don't know how people whose children are grown and live across the country or on the other side of the world relax at all.  I can't even stand her being on the other side of the river.

I think maybe it's time to up the Zoloft.

The Suspect

(ok, maybe now that I got that out of my system I can get back to work...)


Rob Monroe said...

A lot of schools just have codes over the PA that tell teachers what's up and to check their email - they don't like to blast more information than they need to. With "others" on site that might get tweaked, though.

Anyway, there is a good chance she has no clue that there is an issue AT ALL.

As for your friend Anxiety, tell her to shut up and go away.

Bev said...

Thinking of you and your family. My children are grown, one lives near, one lives across the country with her husband and our three grands. I will never relax about their safety and may move in with them next year since the youngest will be the only one still at the grade school. One or the other of their parents are at the school to walk home with them, nearly always, but there are those days when that is just not possible since they both work. The latest abduction in CO is why we are considering this. We spend much of the winter there anyway, so what's a few more months?