Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Glow Stick PSA

It's Halloween, and glow sticks are everywhere.  Kids love them.  But.

CONvergence Glow Sticks

Glow sticks have glass in them.  That popping noise that you hear when you activate it?  That's the ampule of glass breaking inside the plastic tube so that the two chemicals can mix and glow.

This means that you should NEVER activate glow sticks and then dump them in your baby's bath (no matter what Pinterest says!).  You should NEVER let children or babies chew on glow sticks.  You should always proceed with extreme caution if a glow stick breaks.

One of my scouts was activating a glow stick on the way back to school from our meeting tonight and it burst, sending shards of glass and chemical into her left eye.  Thankfully, I'm good friends with her mom and I had her number in my phone, so I could get in touch with her immediately.  We met my friend at Urgent Care and the scout is going to be absolutely fine.

I have spent the last half hour updating all of my scouts' parents contact info in my phone so that if (knock wood) something happens to someone I haven't known since she was an infant, I can get in touch with her parents right away, too.

Tonight Mary Grace said, "Daisies is complicated, especially when you're the leader."  True story.

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