Monday, October 29, 2012

Furnace Woes

It's funny how things always break on the weekend, isn't it?  When we returned home from Chicago our furnace wouldn't light.  The blower comes on, but it doesn't go "foomph!" and the air coming out of the vents is cold.  BJ changed the filter and punched it like the Fonz, but it stubbornly refuses to light.

We have a small, wall-mounted heater and a fireplace, and it never got below 60 in here, so we decided to avoid the weekend rate and wait until this morning to call the repair service (they'll be here in an hour).  The kids and the dog have enjoyed sitting directly in front of the wall heater.  And if they get too warm, they can go outside and sit in front of the electric meter, which is spinning like crazy with the liberal and inefficient use of the heater, creating a strong breeze.  The neighbors behind us probably won't have to rake their leaves.  They'll all just blow away from the spinning of our electric meter.

Anyway, being without heat for a couple of days makes me worried for the folks in the path of Sandy.  I checked out some of the coverage and predictions this morning and it looks pretty scary.  If you're reading from the east coast, I hope you have lots of food and booze, and that it isn't as bad as they're all saying it will be.  In fact, I hope you get a couple of bonus days off from work and school and a nice, gentle rain.  Be sure to remember to check on elderly and infirm neighbors if you're able.

It's worth noting, with just over a week until the election, that Governor Romney would like to eliminate FEMA and make disaster management a state - or better yet private! - responsibility.  He also would like to remind you that if your house is destroyed by Sandy, you can always live in one of your other houses.  Because he thinks the middle class makes about $500,000 a year, don't you know.

But even if Mr. Romney gets elected, don't panic.  Like most of his positions, all you have to do is wait 15 minutes and he'll change his mind.

(This post has been brought to you by the Committee to Annoy My Aunts and Uncles)

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