Sunday, September 30, 2012

Milestone Moments

Mary Grace wasn't one of those children who got teeth without a lot of fuss.  Oh no.  My girl screamed like they were killing her.  Maybe she thought that if she was loud enough the teeth would change their minds and decide to stay out of her mouth...  Not sure.  We went through a lot of infant Tylenol, though.  A lot.  And I remember saying more than once, "Babies should not be allowed to get teeth until they are old enough to say, 'Mother, may I please have some Tylenol?'!"

Well.  Tonight she came up to me and pointed at one of her teeth and said, "Mom, this tooth is coming in and it's really bothering me.  Can I have some medicine?" and a chorus of toothy angels sang in my head.


mwiesjahn said...

Delete that previous comment. I would but can't figure out how.

I do not want Kate to get teeth. Not now, not never...

Amy Austin said...

Knowing Kate, she will probably just wake up one morning with teeth, and you'll say, "We had no idea she was teething! They just slid right in!"

And if not, crazy Aunt Amy will show up with lots of Tylenol, peeled carrots, and ear plugs. :)