Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Poor Erin, my friend and Jack's regular babysitter, texted me this morning that she was sick and couldn't come watch Jack, and I've been too busy to check on her all day (I'm just a terrible friend).  I ended up taking him to the office with me for an hour, because there were things that had to be done (payroll!  Yay!) today, and then BJ and I went out for lunch.

After lunch I took BJ back to the office, went through the bank's drive through and went to Walmart.  These places are not at all far apart - the restaurant, Walmart, the office, and the bank are all within a half of a mile of each other - but by the time I turned around to look at Jack, between the bank and Walmart, he was asleep.

"You didn't have PLANS, did you?  Zzzzzz...."
So much for that idea.  We drove home and I let him sleep in the carseat for a little while, until I got bored with my phone, brought him in and lulled him back to sleep in my bed.

The girls got home and we did our their homework and stuff.  They've been really awesome with our afternoon routine.  I'm going to have to write a post about that, and about the new behavior program I've been doing with them (not that they're bad - they're really great kids.  Honestly, it's more of a way to be more consistent and to reward good behavior than anything else).  But not tonight, because I am falling asleep in my seat.

BJ put Jack to bed tonight, and while he was upstairs tucking the girls in, Jack woke back up.  I went in his room and rocket him, but that wasn't working, so eventually I laid down (in the Nah Nah toddler bed) with him and fell asleep.  That was not at all comfortable.  I don't recommend it.

I just wrote "rocket" instead of "rocked," but half the time in this family we actually do rocket to sleep, so I'm leaving it.  And I'm going to bed.

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