Thursday, September 27, 2012

Go for the Gold
There has been a lot of excitement over David Boudia coming to school tomorrow to speak to the kids. They're all supposed to wear red, white, and blue tomorrow in his honor.

Claire came home today with a fever.  When she figured out that she wouldn't be going to school tomorrow, she was crushed.

We tried reasoning, we tried explaining, we tried watching videos of him on YouTube, we tried distraction...  She was inconsolable.

"If the Bloggess can convince Wil Wheaton to collate paper via Twitter," I thought, "maybe I can get an Olympian to call my daughter so she will stop sobbing."

So I did this:
...and he replied!  Long story short, he called and they spoke and she beamed.  He was so sweet.  What a nice person.  He gets a gold medal in making little girls' days.

After we hung up I said to Claire, "I am so happy to see your smile again," and she said, "Mommy, you're the BEST!"

Thank you, David.  You are a class act!

PS - I think she might have a crush on you.  If you start getting love letters from a secret admirer that are written in crayon, you'll know where they came from.

PPS - I think she also thinks that you're her new gymnastics teacher.  Don't worry.  I'll figure that one out later.

PPPS - unless you want to teach her gymanstics.  That would be pretty cool!


Kathryn said...

Awwwww. That is really special! Hope she and Jack are feeling better soon!

Heather C. said...

Love it!

Rob Monroe said...

That is the coolest thing EVER! She's one lucky little girl, for sure!

Heather said...

Awesome. Also you are not allowed to write your own secret love letters in crayon in an attempt to disguise them.

Heather said...

ALSO you are the best person in the history of ever for introducing me to the Wil Wheaton collating paper thing. I love you.