Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Was Funny

I'm home with a sick Jack today.  My normally independent sunshiney boy has been glued to my lap and miserable since he rolled out of bed.  Bummer.  I plan to get my work done while he's down for his afternoon nap.

So, yesterday when Monica and Juliet and Evana were here, I got a call from our landlords at the office saying, "Um, FedEx Freight is here and we need you to come deal with it."  I called B.J. and said, "Where are you?"  He was farther away from the office than I was - downtown having lunch.  So I left Monica here with the kids (YAY MONICA!) and ran over to receive the package.

The package was two 75 gallon drums.  Thankfully they were empty, but they were huge and really awkward to get through four locked doors and five turns.

I was filthy by the time I got them to the lab.

So I was telling Dad about this, and he said, "What does BJ need two 75 gallon drums for?"

And I said, "I don't know, to go with his 75 gallon guitar?"


Rob Monroe said...

Sorry, Amy, but the funniest part about that is knowing that you had to search for the rimshot button and probably got really giddy when you figured out you could install it on your post. :)

(but really, those are massive and I really don't want to know what BJ has in mind for them!!)

Bev said...

The joke was funny all right but the button...OMG!