Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Learned Tonight

So the Neighborhood Meeting happened.  Most of the people there supported me (note that I didn't say agreed with me, even my own husband doesn't agree with me all the time!).

I (re?)learned something kind of profound. You can either focus on the people who are with you, or you can focus on the people who are against you.  If you focus on the good and the positive, it's much easier to be a happy person.

Two people said that they appreciated what we had done to welcome them to the neighborhood.

One person said that I made the meeting "a lot more fun than it should have been," and that I was doing a great job and I'm hilarious - both in person and in email.

I have done good.  I am not going to let the people who are grumpy win the day.  I am going to remember all the nice things people said, and all the positive things I have done, and I am going to let the rest go.  I can't please everyone.  I have pleased most, and that's enough.

And a couple of beers with my dad afterward didn't hurt.



mwiesjahn said...

Being "president" is never easy. You aren't doing your job if everyone likes you. Keep up the good work!

nolandda said...

Well done.

Miss SP ❥ said...

It's so much easier to be a miserable grump! The nice things that people have said to you definitely outweigh any negative.