Monday, September 10, 2012

Kool-Aid Mom

Cami came over after school, and my girls asked for an opportunity to "clip up" - it's the behavior plan that I've implemented which is consistent with what they do at school, and someday I'll blog about it.  Anyway, I said, "Ok, if you clean the toy room you can clip to the tippy top and I'll make chocolate chip cookies."

So they finish cleaning and it's beautiful, it almost makes me cry, and I say, "Ok, I'll make your cookies."  But since I don't want 4 dozen extra cookies, and since I only have one stick of butter (which Cami had to get from her house because the butter I thought I had was an empty box) I make a half batch.

Then two more kids show up, and I think, "Ok, divided by two, that's enough for everyone, still, and there will be some left for BJ."

I turn my back for 10 seconds, and Claire is outside yelling, "Everyone! We are making chocolate chip cookies!!"  Three more kids showed up out of thin air!  I guess she's a born Girl Scout.

I love her generosity, but come ON Claire!  Even the Girl Scouts charge!!

(Of course I gave those kids cookies, too.  I'm not a monster.   And from what I understand, instead of being grateful for one cookie they said it was "not fair," that they only got one cookie each, when the girls who were here at my house got two.  Whatever, dudes, the girls who were here cleaned my toy room. What have you done for me lately?)

In other news, today is Barbara Dahling's birthday.  Happy birthday!!!  We've been friends for over half our lives - can you believe it?  Love you!

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