Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I sent the girls upstairs 7 minutes ago to brush their teeth and get their pajamas on, just as I promised my sister that her 4 month old will do, someday, even if she rocks her to sleep every single time she needs to go to sleep for the next year or two.

But I swear...  If they don't stop screwing around and screaming and acting like insane people I am going to go up there and start screaming and throwing things like a 4 year old and they are going to be sorry.

In fact I just said to them, "Stop worrying about your brother.  Leave the doors alone.  Get your teeth brushed and your pajamas on or I am going to come up there and start screaming and throwing things."

Net effect of above communication:  0

Sometimes I wonder what people walking by outside are thinking when they hear things like that coming out of my house.

Megan, enjoy Kate now while she's small and cute and QUIET and not at all obnoxious.

Mary Grace just came down in her underwear AGAIN to tell me that Jack knocked her lamp down, and I said in my best, "Imma kill you," voice, "Stop.  Worrying.  About your brother.  Get your pajamas on. NOW."

12 minutes of screwing around.  I'm going to go take away some privileges.  Sometimes I really just want to tan some behinds, though.  Jeez.

Megan, I will trade you offspring for a week.  You come here and deal with my delightful brood, and I will come up there and I will rock that baby all week long.

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