Monday, May 28, 2007



No post yesterday because we went to the Children's Museum in Indianapolis with Grandpa Bob! It was too cool!


They had an exhibit done by Chihuly, the famous glass artist. It was seriously awesome. And didn't I feel like a very refined and educated person when I was watching "What's With That Really Expensive House?" on HGTV after we got home, and I recognized the $800,000 chandelier (yes, that's the right number of zeroes) as a Chihuly.


MG really enjoyed the dinosaurs, although she did NOT enjoy the simulated thunderstorm in the Dinosphere. Did they convert the old IMAX movie theater into the dinosphere, or am I imagining things? Anyway, it was super cool. She also enjoyed the Playscape and the Carousel.


C was her usual, enthusiastic self.

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