Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ouch ouch ouch!

I carried C in the sling too long at the museum and royally screwed up my back. It is not easy to take care of babies who require lifting and carrying when one's back hurts. Volunteer applications are being accepted. If you want to come lift and carry babies, be my guest!

In other news, the magic sliding door on my van which was broken when I got it, and which I was told by the salesman would be fixed when I came to pick up the car the next day, and which I've had in for service at least four times is going to cost $426 to fix. I need to call and yell at people about that this afternoon. Because of course I didn't get anything in writing. I trusted a used car salesman. Hahahaa....

Since taking the car "to the doctor" was our morning outing, I didn't get any cute pictures or anything. Bummer. Here's an old one of MG to tide you over. Everyone calls this the "Charlie Brown" picture.

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