Saturday, May 26, 2007

Protect the Bunnies

Have you met Max?

She is a very large, very intimidating beast of a dog, with the heart of a marshmallow. We got her at the pound. She's 7 years old. Half German Shepherd, half Chow (purple tongue), and half Greyhound (maybe, we have no idea). She's a great dog. But, she's big. And scary looking. And she has a BIG bark.

Which is why we were stunned on Thursday afternoon when it appeared that some small rabbit who really needs to work on her real estate savvy (location, location, location!) appeared to be building a nest in Max's yard.

Sure enough, last night we looked, and there is a nest of newborn baby bunnies smack in the middle of the yard.

So, my husband and I took MG out to show her the nest of brand new babies (Peter, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-Tail, of course). It didn't take us long to realize that those babies didn't stand a chance in our yard, even with a marshmallow of a dog, sometimes instinct is stronger than training.

BJ went to the hardware store with MG, and this is the result:

As I stood there, watching my husband teach our daughter to say "protect the bunnies," I realized that this is exactly why I love him - because he is the kind of man who will take an hour out of his evening, after working hard all day, to build a white picket fence for a bunch of wild rabbits. I love him because he's a man who will teach our children to protect things that need protection; that we are responsible for taking care of the planet and all its inhabitants, including each other. It still surprises me that someone so strong and tough can also be so gentle.

I have had the privilege of being married to this man for six years today. I am blessed to be raising a family with him. I learn from him daily. I laugh with him all the time. I am grateful for him every minute of every hour of every day.

Happy Anniversary BJ, I love you. Maybe that bunny wasn't so dumb, after all.

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Melania said...

Oooooaaaaawwwwhhh! (That was the biggest "aw" I can do online) That is amazingly sweet!

Happy anniversary!