Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Work stuff

So, when I'm not being Mommy or Martha Stewart (HA), I do the bookkeeping for BJ's company. We are a small aerospace research firm, doing research for the federal government on a contract basis, and any more info would give too many details to stalkers, so that's all I'm going to say. Anyway, we just found out that we got a really big, two year contract! This is huge news, because up until today, we didn't have any funding to speak of past this summer. YAY!

I am constantly amazed at the way that God provides for us. We really didn't want to leave this state after college (the fandamily is here), and the way became clear for us to stay by starting this company. We have never had to borrow a dime to support the business, and we've always been able to make payroll. We've always had enough work. It enabled me to quit my job before we got pregnant with MG so that I could be a hybrid mom (half stay at home, half go to work, half out of my mind) once she was born.

I bitch and moan sometimes about the hours that BJ has to put in at the office... and about never having enough time to be a good stay at home mom or a good employee, myself, but underneath it all I know that I am so lucky to have a husband who works hard to provide for us. I am lucky to have the opportunity to be at home with my kids most of the week. I am lucky that we've found a little niche in the market where we can hang out and do useful work and support our little family. I'm just plain lucky. And grateful.

So, it looks like it's all good until 2009, at least. Hooray!!!


Erin said...

Wow Amy! That's awesome! We were kind of curious how the dynamics of your business worked (in a general way of course!).

Matt & I are very happy for you guys! Niches are great to find and maintain! :)

The Francophile said...

Congrats... why did I have to find out from F through a blog? :)