Monday, May 21, 2007

Her Indian Name is Dances with Ducks


It's 9:30 am.

Number of hours we've been up: 3
Number of parents who are dressed: 2
Number of babies who are dressed: 0
Number of babies who are running around without pants: 1
Number of diapers changed: 3
Number of breakfasts eaten by MG: 0
Number of breakfasts fed to Max by MG: 2
Number of plastic breakfasts Mommy has pretended to eat for MG: 4
Number of times we've played Nosrus Tap: 2
Number of books read: 2
Number of times each of those books were read: 3
Number of books pulled off shelves while searching for Most Annoying Book: 14
Number of household chores on Mommy's "to do" list: 24,657
Number of household chores completed by Mommy: 1 (I loaded the dishwasher)
Number of times I've said, "NO!": 43

Yep, it's Monday.
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