Sunday, May 20, 2007

People Say the Damndest Things

 I really need to lose the baby weight (kidding, this was in February, about three weeks before C was born).

Pregnancy's true purpose is to prepare women for all the stupid things people are going to say and do once the baby is on the outside. There's something about being pregnant that makes people think that your body is community property. Strangers touch your belly. They will ask you the most RANDOM personal questions. Questions about things that you would never, ever discuss with anyone but your doctor. Well, unless you're me. I'll tell anyone anything. That's just how I roll.

Anyway, we went to Walmart today (I know, I know, it's closer. Sue me). We had MG and C in the double stroller, and I was pushing that while BJ was pushing the cart. The double stroller rocks. MG sits in the back and C's carseat snaps into the front. MG thinks that it's a train. It's huge, but it's the only way I can get both of them out, especially by myself. So, I've got the stroller and BJ's got the cart, and we're ready to check out, and the woman at the cash register sees MG and her shiner and I joked that the baby had done it to her. Then she noticed C, in the front part of the stroller, and said, "Wow, is she going to be short or something? She's really small!"

Is she going to be short???

I should've said, "Yeah, she's five years old, and she's really sensitive about her size. We try not to talk about it."

But I didn't say that. I just said, "No, she's just kind of folded up in her car seat."

This is the kind of thing that would've Freaked Me Right Out when MG was littler. I would've probably taken her to the doctor for a weight and size check because the woman at Walmart diagnosed her as being too small. I would've had to call everyone who had seen her in the last month to see if they thought she was too small. I would've probably taken her to a growth specialist or something.

With C, it's more like, "Oh, stupid woman at Walmart made a stupid comment. Damn, I forgot to get lemon juice," and I move right on with my day...

Being a second time Mom is nice.
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Erin said...

hi Amy!

The girls are so cute!!! I want another one!!! Well, kinda...eventually. :) MG has the wild hair thing going too, just like Katelynn. We definitely want to see you guys when we're home in November.

I don't know if Matt gave you our blog address or not, but I will. :)

Yeah, guess who set that one up. *rolling eyes*

Take care!

Kim said...

When I was pregnant with second son, someone came up to me and asked if I knew the sex of the baby. I said "Yes, it's another boy!"

The woman said to me "Will you have him circumcised?" Like, you know, this was something she really needed to know.

I just looked at her and said "Why? Do you collect foreskins?"

She didn't say anything, but thankfully, she left.