Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cringeworthy Photo

Look at this.

When we went sledding the other day, I looked at that big hill and my little girl, and I thought to myself, "He wants to do what? Not with MY baby!" In fact, I made BJ take a practice run before he tried with MG, just to be sure that he wouldn't hit any hidden ramps or fly off onto 18th street or anything.

So, I can only imagine the heart-in-the-throat feeling these parents must have felt when they looked at that three story drop, and they smelled and felt the fire coming toward them, and they had to make the horrible decision to let go. I honestly don't think I could've made my hands open. I really don't. Even if the fire were burning my butt, I don't think I could drop either of the pretty babies out the window (no matter how much I joke about it when they refuse to sleep).

I just have one question. Where the hell was the ladder truck???

Authorities suspect that the fire was deliberately set in the building, which was mostly populated by immigrants, by neo-Nazis. Whoever is responsible should rot in hell. Nine people died, including five children.

The baby pictured, and her family, survived.

(thanks to ParentDish for the head's up, and to The Daily Mail for the photo)

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