Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We made cookies tonight (see above). They taste like slightly sweet crackers with a lot of shortening on top of them, but they look just lovely!

If you want to stop by for a yucky Valentine's cookie tomorrow, you're welcome to! I have about 2 dozen.

The last couple of batches of cookies I've made have sucked. I always roll cut outs too thin. Must work on that...

MG did a lot more licking of icing and M&Ms than actual decorating. How does one teach a two year old that you don't lick the cookies you're decorating, you're only allowed to lick your own cookie? I guess it's one of those lessons that must be repeated over and over and over.

I have a feeling that none of you will be stopping by for cookies tomorrow. Talk about a ringing endorsement!! I promise I threw away all the licked ones. But they're still yucky. Oh well. Stop by anyway. We'll have coffee, instead.

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