Sunday, February 3, 2008


We tried the new church (St. Andrew's) again today. Unfortunately, we slept about 20 minutes late, so we had to go to the contemporary service instead of the traditional service. I don't know what it's like at your House of Worship of Choice, but the Methodists seem to think that "contemporary" means "we're going to punish you for sleeping in with really bad, annoying, repetitive music."

I liked the minister, though. He was kind of funny. He was telling a story, and he said that someone had said to him, "...with the peace of Jesus, shut UP!" which I thought was cute. Maybe when the kids are being obnoxious, instead of telling them to be quiet, I'll try, "Peace be upon you."

Claire, in her usual style, fell asleep in the nursery and was just fine. Mary Grace, on the other hand, apparently thought that we were abandoning her, or giving her to the Church to become the first Methodist nun or something (even though I told her we'd be "just across the hall" and we'd "be right back"). She told the childcare workers, "My Mommy needs me!" as she tearfully tried to escape. Of course, the minute she saw me she burst into tears (even though I had peeked at her through the window, and she was fine just moments before).

I asked BJ, during the service, if he heard her crying, but he insisted that he didn't. I think next time I think I hear her, I'm going to just go ahead and go check. Even if she's fine, it'll be easier on me.

If we're going to go to church regularly, though, I am going to need new clothes. So are the kids, actually. Cute matchy matchy dresses, and shoes. Mary Grace's shoes were totally unsuitable for today's weather, and we had to carry her over the snow and the puddles. I guess there are worse reasons to shop.

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