Sunday, February 17, 2008

Looooooooong Night

Well, we got MG to go to sleep in her new "biggle" bed, which was a good start. It was certainly more comfortable for me to sit in the bed next to her to hold her hand, instead of sitting in the glider. It was also nice for reading bedtime stories. Very snuggly.

She woke up, as she always does, at 2:30 and came into our room. Per Dr. Dave, I said, "You can't come in my bed, but let's go lay together in your bed." She cried a bit (it didn't help that I had to go to the bathroom, so I had to delay getting back in bed), but eventually accepted this without too much hysteria and we laid down in her bed. I fell asleep.

Then Claire woke up, so I had to return to the big bed (where Claire sleeps after she wakes up the first time, because I'm not going to do laps of the upstairs all night). Then MG woke up so I went back to her biggle bed. She fussed quite a bit that time about wanting to lay in the big bed, etc. but eventually she calmed down and was just about to go to sleep when Claire woke up again. I had to get BJ up to lay down with MG, because MG was still awake. She accepted this quietly, though, and went back to sleep.

Claire woke up another time or two before we finally got up for the day at 9 am. I also woke up when BJ and Mary Grace got up, but I don't remember what time that was.

Is it any wonder why I'm cranky? Apart from the going back and forth to the kids' room, I get up this often every stinking night. Usually I just roll over, instead of switching beds, but still. Ugh.

And I'm coming down with something. I have pink eye (my left eye was glued shut this morning. Yuck.) and a sore throat. Good thing we didn't go to Chicago this weekend.

The fact that she was ok with BJ coming to bed with her gives me hope that maybe, maybe, he will put himself in charge of Mary Grace in the night, and I can focus on Claire, which would cut my night wakings down by half. Dr. Dave says it is going to take 2 weeks to a month before she (Mary Grace) sleeps all night in her own bed, if we're consistent. We'll see.

I'm going to go take a nap with Claire. I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope Dr. Dave is right, there may be hope for you to get more than 3 hours of sleep after all....hahahaha

Wish I lived closer, I'd give you some Vigamox for that pink eye, it works like a charm. I used it on Jake when he had pink eye as a puppy. Sounds like it's time for Vicks First Defense! Haha

XOXO Barbara

Other Heather said...

I blame you for transmitting pinkeye to my kid, via the internet.

Also, Dave is good, but Elizabeth Pantley kicks butt too.

Amy said...

Heather -

Want to borrow some breast milk?