Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The letter I'm sending to my HMO....

February 5, 2008

To Whom It May Concern:

About a year ago, I took my daughter to Dr. M for her 18 month well-baby visit and walked out of his office with rotavirus. When I figured out what had happened (and after we all stopped vomiting on each other) I called to request that the toys be removed from the waiting and exam rooms at the doctors’ offices, because they spread germs.

Nothing happened for a very long time, and then today I took my kids to the doctor, and all of the “typhoid toys” as I called them, were gone! The rug was still there, with the letters and the animals, and the books are there, but the blocks and other things that get chewed on had been removed.

Now, my husband will tell you that it’s bad practice to listen to me, because it just encourages me, but I am very pleased and promise not to let it go to my head. Thank you very much for taking my concerns into consideration.

While I’m writing, I would just like to state for the record how happy we are with our doctors. Dr. Joel M is our family doctor, and he is wonderful. We have a great rapport with him. He has known our kids since before they were born, and really has a longitudinal perspective on our health as a family. He really listens to us, which is something I value in a physician. Dr. Scott S is my OB/GYN, and while I don’t see him as often as I see Dr. M, I have been unfailingly happy with his care, too. He catches great babies!

Doctors don’t work in a vacuum, and I have been extremely happy with both of the teams that support Dr. M and Dr. S. Annette, who is Dr. M's triage nurse, and Linda, who is Dr. S's, are absolutely terrific. They always listen to my concerns and give excellent advice on what to do. I never feel like they have me make unnecessary appointments. Even the front desk personnel (especially Kathy at Dr. M's office) and the nurses who check us in are fantastic. I’ve really gotten to know all of them, and I am always greeted warmly and professionally, and treated with caring and respect.

In short, I am extremely happy with our health care team, and I wish that I could keep each one of them forever. Thank you for hiring such terrific people. Please don't hesitate to share my letter with them.

And really, thanks for listening about the toys. It means a lot to me, and should make a big difference to a lot of local families.


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Jen said...

I try to remember that sometimes offering that compliment, rather than a criticism, goes a long way. I once asked to speak to the manager at a hotel reservation desk to compliment the service of the young lady on the phone, and ended up with a free in room breakfast and a free upgrade to a suite in a classy downtown hotel. It was like they didn't know what to do...
I think this is a great idea.