Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Snapshots

The Lineup.

The fort that BJ and the kids built out of the couch this morning. Then BJ used it as a shelter from which to launch "guys" at me while I was sitting at my computer. Grandpa Bob had the excellent idea to take one of the medicine syringes from the infant Motrin, fill it with water, and sneak up on BJ. I got him square in the face. It was hilarious. He took his defeat manfully.

Then I went upstairs and got the two crib mattresses (not pictured) to add to the fort. It was a fun morning.

MG and Claire in matchy suits, making lunch.
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Jen said...

The duck did it. From a professionals standpoint, your lineup needs a little help, tho. One of your suspects really stands out from the others...