Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Today's project: Pretzels

Currently, in my oven, there sits a large bowl full of dough that, hopefully, is happily doubling as we speak. Assuming that the yeast wasn't dead, we will be making soft pretzels for today's Valentine's themed treat.

Why? Because they look like a hug.

I never used to understand how a bunch of adults (teachers) could get so excited about a bunch of Hallmark holidays. Now I understand - holidays, and the associated crafts and whatnot, break up the monotony of the regular days. You can only draw so many Mickey Mouse heads before you're all like, "For the love of God, already, I need an excuse to draw hearts!" You know? So, I've embraced the whole Hallmark-Holiday-Themed-Activity-Goodness (see yesterday's cookies, above). I even have Valentine's day clings on the window in the screen door. Because, you know, that's how I roll.

And I'm really looking forward to covering my pretzel with Nutella. Mmmmm....

In other news, Claire is defying gravity these days by climbing everything. She is such a monkey. It's not going to be any time at all before she's walking. I'm resisting the urge to tie her feet together!!

I just showed MG that Youtube video of Defying Gravity, and now we have to go watch the whole show...

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