Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I finally got my co-pay's worth

So last night I was changing MG's diaper, and she grabbed onto my arm, hard. I got kind of ticked off. I mean, it hurt. But she was crying and freaking out, "I'm falling, Mommy! I'm falling! Don't let me fall!!" When she did it again this morning I thought, "hmmm... I wonder if the vestibular parts of her ears aren't... vestibulating," and I made her a doctor's appointment. I figured as long as I was going that way, I might as well take Claire, too, since she's still got a bad cough from this cold we've been battling for about a week.

I fully expected to get the same old, "It's a virus, nothing we can do, keep doing what you're doing, that'll be $20..." that I always get. This time, though, was different. MG has an ear infection (oh yeah, who called it!? Go Mommy, go Mommy!) and Claire has bronchitis. Ugh.

But that's not the big news. Ok, I could've sworn that I blogged about this, but I can't find the post. Remember when I was complaining about the toys at the doctor's office giving us diseases? I actually called the company that manages our doctor's office (and a whole bunch of other doctor's offices in the area) and bitched about it. I mean, I was nice, but I told them that I am getting really tired of getting sicker every time I take my kids to the doctor - especially when I take them for well-baby visits, and we end up sicker a few days later. Well, they really shouldn't listen to me, because it just encourages me to bitch, but when we were at the doctor's office today, the typhoid toys were GONE! I'm not even kidding - they took out everything except the books, the fun rug with the letters and animals, and the plastic picnic table. In the exam room, they had books and a magna doodle. No more blocks or trucks covered with disease. No more battles to keep the babies away from the typhoid toys. YAY!

I'm actually planning to write them a letter to thank them. Will get right on that...

In other news, Claire is cruising. She's getting pretty fast. She needs to figure out cabinets, though. We just sat here and watched her open a cabinet door and fall right on her little butt. She was pretty mad, but it was kind of funny. She bit my nose tonight, so she kind of had it coming. :)

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