Monday, June 25, 2007

Conjunctivitis, what your function?

I think Claire has pink eye. Her left eye was crusty this morning when she woke up, and it's kind of gummy and yellow now. It's weird, though, because the white part of her eye (the conjunctiva, actually) hasn't gone pink yet. If it isn't pink eye, it's certainly something. I have a call in to the doctor. Chances are good that I'll pay yet another $20 to be told, "It's a virus, keep doing what you're doing." They ought to just put in a drive thru at the doctor's office where I can hand $20 to someone, and then the person at the next window can say, "Virus. Nothing we can do. Thanks for the $20, see you again next month, when you will give us another $20 for another set of symptoms and we will tell you the same thing."

I shouldn't complain about having healthy kids. I just wish that the doc's office could tell me that it's a virus on the phone, where it's free. Oh well. They're not in business to make friends, and I really do love our doctor, so I'll cough up the $20 to keep him in business.

Expect lots of pictures of children with very pink eyes in the coming days. I understand that it's more contagious than yawning. Poor Claire.

In other news.... Remember when I asked about saving money? Well, I've been using and I am saving boatloads of money. I got the rebate book at Walgreen's and saved another $13 with that - I got four 12 packs of Diet Coke for $7!! That's less than 15 cents a can! I am so excited. It's like Vegas, only I'm guaranteed to win.

The only thing about it that sucks is that I think, "Geez, I wonder how much I could've saved by now if I'd started doing this when we got married, or when I moved out of my mom's house!" and it makes me a little sick. Of course, if I had saved all the money I spent on other bad habits I probably wouldn't need to do coupons. Live and learn.

So, don't get behind me at the grocery store, and don't rub your eyes. See? This blog is full of useful information!

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