Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Oh, Gentle Reader, I didn't mean to neglect you yesterday. MG spazzed at the sitter (our neighbor Chelsea, who has three kids, 7, 3, and 1, and MG adores all of them, so it was very strange indeed), so I picked her up early. We ran some parts to be coated to The City In The Middle. We visited the museum again while we were there (I *will* get my money's worth out of that membership! I am far too Scottish not to). Probably not the best idea, given the tone of the day, but oh well. We got stuck in traffic on The Big Highway. I actually sat for 5 minutes in park, then realized that it was costing me a fortune in burned gas, so I turned the car off for another 6 minutes before we moved. Ugh. The girls were really good through all that, though.

When we got home, C was out of her mind. I think she might be constipated, because I can't remember the last time I changed a dirty diaper on her (with all the diapers, though, who can keep track of which one is what one and what one is whose?). Anyway, we tried something stupid (a little sugar water, I know...) and she got sick (bad Mommy), but after that, she really seemed better, so maybe she just got some bad milk. I'm going to have to check the sell by date. Ha...

During all of this chaos, MG wandered off to play alone, and BJ found her in the library, laying on the sofa on a pillow and reading! BJ said, "What are you doing, Sweetheart?" and she said, "Reading my book. It's a good one."


This morning I had the frightening realization that we have reached The Age when she is going to start having an opinion about what she wears. She has always liked to dress up, but in the past it has been in the fancy clothes of Mommy's choosing, and the occasional request for "Shiny Shoes." This morning we had tears and hysterics over these pants, and the poncho thing, so this is the outfit that she designed:

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(I added the white tee shirt underneath so she won't freeze. That caused the hysterics). Not bad, though, all considered. The colors match.

I'm not going to make a big fuss over the clothes unless we're visiting the Queen or something. If she wants to assert her individuality by dressing crazy now, I'm going to let her. My theory is that if she gets it out of her system as a toddler, she won't feel the need to dye her hair green and pierce herself and wear crazy clothes as a teenager. I'll let you know how that works out.

Today, we're headed to The Big City On The Upper Right to drop off more parts for more stuff for work, and see my friend Barbie. She's in the Air National Guard so getting together is always a challenge. Last time she was supposed to visit us, after C was born, she came down sick, so she'll be meeting "Our C" for the first time. I hope the girls are good - it's going to be a lot of time in the car. Mommy's flexible, though. If we need to stop and run loose for a bit, I'll find a park. Gotta love GPS! Anyway, it should be ok.

In other news, we're famous. Parent Dish is a BIG blog that lots of people read. I am happy to report, after reading all the comments, that most of the people over there would return the stupid duck, so maybe the world isn't going to hell in a handbasket.

I'd rather be a judgmental bitch than be wrong. I mean, come ON. I have actually followed people in the car and said, "How dare you drive like that when I have my kids in the car? You should be ashamed of yourself!" at least 3 times. I'm pretty sure that if the Internuts are calling me names, that means that I'm doing something right!


Erin said...

Ha ha! I want my update!!!

Yeah, that comes off rather hypocritical since I haven't updated our blog in a month. I need to, but a little girl doesn't go to bed until 9, leaving her mommy and daddy very exhausted.

Maybe next week...

Brandon Stenger said...

You realize that you have now informed me of exactly what to get MG for her 13th birthday: 1 case Manic Panic in assorted colors. That should really get the mother/daughter teenage year conflicts off to a good start.

Anonymous said...

Be happy that she throws a fit now... It is better than bringing home a boy with green hair.

Mommy said...

Not fair, Brandon! Your kids will be past the scary ages by the time MG is a teenager!


Dad - I only brought home the boy with green hair to make sure you were paying attention. :)