Monday, June 18, 2007

100 mg of Happiness

My doctor's office screwed up and sent my refill authorization to the wrong pharmacy. Three trips and several days later, I'm back on my Zoloft, but BOY am I cranky. Not cool, not cool. I think I'll just keep myself medicated until they go to college. Otherwise I feel like a toddler who missed her nap. And since I've been spending all my time getting ready for this stupid neighborhood garage sale, I really did miss my nap.

If you want me to sell your junk, bring it to my house and I'll split the profits with you 50/50.

Not only am I cranky, I'm also an idiot. It turns out that the battery I've been waiting for was not at the office like I thought. It has been right behind my computer all of this time... *sigh* So, I could've had a camera for the Taste of (our county), if I weren't an idiot.

In other news, Max has become evil:

But C is working on her superpowers, so she will save us all:

The force is strong with this one.

MG and I are making cuppycakes, and planning to invite the girls down the street over for a tea party tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes!
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Anonymous said...

That is just too funny! Claire has light swords, how cool, and poor Max, she could never be evil. This only proves though that you have become a certified Starwars geek, otherwise you never would have recognized that the force was with her! :)