Friday, June 15, 2007

These are the moments...

Tonight I was sitting on the bed trying to make C smile. I would pump her little legs and say, "run run run," then slower, "walk walk walk," then faster, "run run run!" Then we did jump, hop, skip, dance, etc. She was really into it, and nearly laughed for me. I got lots of great smiles.

MG was there too, of course. I thought she was watching "Lola" (more cute Lola stories in a moment...). I saw her out of the corner of my eye, with her baby doll, sitting just like me and pumping her dolls legs.

I don't think anything else can more eloquently demonstrate the awesome power and responsibility of motherhood.


The other day at Target she got pink milk, "Just like Lola." Lola is the main character in her (current) favorite TV show, "Charlie and Lola" on the Disney channel. It's a really cute show. Anyway, Lola drinks pink milk, and we saw strawberry milk at the store, and in keeping with the trend (we've also had green eggs and toast - who wants to dye ham?? The toast had green sugar, MUCH more appetizing. And "Pooh Toast" - toast with honey. And chamomile tea, just like Peter Rabbit...) I decided that we had to get pink milk. "Just like Lola," she said, about 10 billion times, in between happy gulps of pink milk.

When she saw the program again, and they showed the pink milk, she said, "Just like MG!"


She cried today when it was time to leave the library (it was closing). That's my girl!


She sang the entire alphabet song 4 times today in the car. She has also been singing selections from Nosrus Tap and Dog Train, including "I Need a Nap," which is pretty funny. She'll kind of get this high voice and say, "I just can't take anymore... I need a nap! Can't stay awake anymore! No more running around I just need to lie down and sleep..." I can't claim that it's in any way on key, but it's pretty amazing that she's memorizing lyrics at 22 months. And she uses them in context - when she's tired, I start to hear "I need a nap!" When we have peas for dinner, she sings, "Oh Lonely Peas!" Crazy.

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Jen said...

Your kid's vocabulary is amazing. Just wait till she's V's age...
He was the same way, a very early talker. And he hasn't stopped talking since.
By the way, by reading your blogs I know know "hubby" and MG's real names. It's so easy to do.