Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I Get To Be The Mad Hatter!

The tea party is in full swing, which means that someone else is entertaining Mary Grace for a change! Actually, two someone elses. 7 year old Maddie and 3 year old Gwen are in the house! Woo!

They showed up in costume - a bride and a ballerina, and brought flowers. Too cute.

The actual tea party portion of the event lasted about 47 seconds. Then everyone started to play. Poor Claire (I've decided not to worry about names anymore...) is looking around at all the chaos thinking, "I wish I could be big, too!"

The cupcakes were a big hit. So was the tea. I decided not to use the china, because all of the garage sale stuff was in front of the closet where the china lives. But next time, I am so there.

Speaking of garage sales - 8-12 Friday and Saturday. Anyone want to come hang out Saturday to help me with the kids? Anyone have a table I can borrow? Let me know!

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