Thursday, June 7, 2007

Come and Get Me, Pirates!!

So my morning project, since the car is at the dealer getting fixed (yay!) was to organize the hell out of the car. Using a variety of plastic totes that I found in the garage, I managed to create order out of chaos. Behold!

Please allow me to escort you on a tour of my newly organized car!

First, we have the Trunk Bucket:

Contained within the Trunk Bucket are things that I won't need to access often, like the fire extinguisher (God willing!), the umbrella, MG's portable high chair (LOVE this!), a roll of paper towel and some multipurpose spray cleaner, and some bungee cords. Why, you ask? Because you just never know!

Next, we have the Entertainment Bucket:

In the Entertainment Bucket you will find books, crayons, paper, a couple of "guys," and a couple of toys. The crayons and paper are neatly stored in their own ziplock bag, because I rock.

Finally, we have the Refill the Diaper Bag Bucket:

which contains extra diapers and wipes, non-perishable food, extra outfits (in the big striped make up bag), various medicines (in the small striped bag), and a bunch of miscellaneous other stuff in the ziplock bag (Tide pens, nail files, etc.). This way, I can just carry a small, light tote around with me when we go inside places, instead of having to carry around half a ton of baby gear we never use.

In the diaper bag, I have two diapers for each kid and wipes, a tiny first aid kit, my wallet and stuff, a sling, and not much else.

This new height of organization will last for approximately eleven seconds, or until MG discovers the pile o' stuff - whichever comes first.


Erin said...

Katelynn wanted to tell MG that that portable high chair is her high chair too! Yep, it's the same one. We have the portable high chair permanently (except when we go on long trips) attached to one of our kitchen chairs. I have never wanted any of the "normal" bulky & overpriced high chairs that I don't have the storage for., love, love the organizational buckets! Can you come to Florida and organize my life? I'll take MG & C to the beach! Or better yet, make Mr. Spaceman do that. hehehe!!!!

BJ said...

"Using a variety of plastic totes that I found in the garage..."

Well, that certainly explains why the garage is now a mess.