Tuesday, June 19, 2007

...and then I lost my mind!

Oh boy, did I have a fun afternoon! When the girls went down for nap (at the same time!) I added a chimney and a "bedroom" to our playhouse.

I also made flowers for window boxes (there are two).

Then I started decorating. The blue is the table (complete with centerpiece) and the daisies are the "upholstered seat." The curtains are made of ribbon (how sad that my toddler's playhouse is more coordinated than my house??). The pictures on the white card are actual family photos - I used the little preview photos that come with the prints from Shutterfly, so they're little thumbnail sized pictures of family. How cool is that??

It even has a fireplace (I colored in the area above, where it should be black, after I took this). I printed the "fire" from the internet.
I have big plans for exterior modifications, but it's time to make dinner, so it'll have to wait. I need to find some wrapping paper that has a brick pattern to it, to do the chimney. I think I'm going to use aluminum foil for the roof. I also want to make a little mirror out of foil for the inside.

I'm not sure which one of us is having more fun.
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Megan said...

I have stone bulletin board paper at school if you remind me when you come home!! It would make a *chapel* fireplace. That playhouse is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice playhouse Amy. And to answer your question about who was having more fun I definatly think that the answer is you. Oh well moms have to get their enjoyment somewhere!
-cousin Kelly