Saturday, June 2, 2007

That reminds me...

This post reminded me of one of my favorite stories. I guess because they both fall under the header entitled: Ballsy Things Said in Cafes.

When I lived in Indy (10 years, 2 pregnancies and %) pounds ago) I worked at The Fine Grind. There was this "regular" who came in every night around closing, and would sit and sip his coffee while I closed the store. He lived in the apartments next door to the shopping area, and was generally harmless. It never occurred to me that it probably wasn't safe to lock the door and close the store with him still in there. I was such an idiot, it's a wonder I lived...

ANYWAY, one night after I'd known him a while, he says, "So, what would you do for a guy who bought you a nice car and paid all your bills for you?" Now, this guy was at least twice my age, if not more, and not all that attractive, so it really was an offer I could refuse... And I said, "Well, I might clean his house..." and he said, "That's it??"

"Well, maybe naked..." I replied (yeah, it's a wonder I lived). So, without missing a beat, while he was choking on his coffee at that statement, I pulled an employment application off of the stack under the counter and said, "Here you go. You fill this out, and we'll send it to my Dad, and if he thinks that this arrangement is a good idea, I'll let you know." I handed him the application and walked into the back room.

When I came back he was gone... Funny, he wasn't much of a regular after that. :)

This has nothing to do with babies. It just made me laugh.

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