Monday, June 25, 2007

My favorite story of the week

After going to Grammaland yesterday, I learned something annoying. If I tell you all of my stories here, I have nothing to talk about in person! I might have to learn to listen, or to talk about something other than my kids, and I'm just not sure if I can do that...

Anyway, I had to start borrowing BJ's stories, and this is my new favorite:

Mary Grace came down the stairs with BJ's electric razor, which he'd set out for the garage sale. BJ saw her and said, "Oh, honey. That's Daddy's razor. Can you give it to me?" and MG, being the model child that she is, handed it over. BJ said, "Thank you." MG said, "Good manners!"

We've been working on "please," and whenever she uses it we tell her, "Good manners!" I guess she's listening.

I could spend a million billion dollars on kid clothes. Wow, there's some cute stuff out there. I'm cheap, though, so I buy it at the discount store, Tuesday Morning. I got a $60 outfit the other day for $10. It's a fall outfit, sure, but the nice thing about kids is you can almost predict what size they're going to be in by what age they'll be. I'm finding that MG's 3 - 6 months stuff is the wrong season for Claire. We might have to have another baby so that we can fully use all of these clothes. Maybe two. A baby for every season!

Honestly, if we could afford it, I'd have a dozen. But these two have to be weaned first.

We're off to find pink milk, and a new knob for the bathroom cabinet, and something called Lest Oil that my sister (Happy Birthday Megan!) said would take stains out of anything... Busy day!

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