Monday, June 4, 2007

BIG Day!!!

After hearing "I pooping in my pants right now!" a second time today, a tiny light went off in my sleep-deprived brain. I realized that I had read about this toddler tendency somewhere before, and that it was a sign of readiness to potty train (or "toilet learn" as the more refined say). So, upon hearing this the second time (at home) I said, "Why don't we go see if we can do it on the potty?" and we rushed to the bathroom where she sat, and I encouraged, and we had some very promising gas.

So, off we ran to Walmart, where we bought a Pooh potty (appropriate, no?), special Big Girl wipes, special soap, and special candy for the Potty Training Extravaganza. Of course, it goes without saying that we also got Big Girl Panties for motivational purposes.

Well, my little prodigy came home, we took that potty out of the box, sat down, and she peed! In the potty! My baby can pee in the potty!!!

I am all verclempt.

I got her to bed, then came downstairs and had a good cry over it all. I told BJ that it seems like just yesterday that she was C's size, and now she's peeing in the potty. It all goes so fast.


R2K said...

: )

Jenny said...

Wow, I am so proud of her! Your little girl is growing up! At least your diaper budget will go down...