Sunday, June 10, 2007

Lazy Sunday

We had BIG fun yesterday for Daddy's birthday! First we drove to Grandpa Ben and Grandma Nancy's farm for hot dogs and burgers.


Then we went to the Drive-In Movie Theater where we saw Shrek III. We were going to stay for Pirates of the Caribbean III, but it wasn't going to end until 2:10 am, which would've put us home at about 3 am, and that's just too late for babies.


Especially babies who are having a hard time falling asleep in the car due to all the noise and excitement of the Drive-In. Max came with us, too. She and her cousin-dog Rocky played at the farm, and had loads of fun growling and barking at each other. Max was a very good dog at the Drive-In. And today, everyone is pretty sleepy:


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