Friday, February 8, 2008

Well, that was expensive...

So much for the money we were going to "save" this month by not making a payment on BJ's car(s). $300 later and his is fixed. It was some car thing... He says the crank shaft position sensor was bad. I have no idea what that means, but it costs about half that. The other half was some gasket thingies that needed to be replaced.

It could've been way worse, though, so I am grateful that it was only $300. And our wonderful neighbor, Morris gave us a break on the labor, so it really could've been a lot worse.


Hopefully that will be the end of that silliness.

Poor MG has the worst diaper rash I have ever, ever seen. I suspect that the antibiotics caused it (because bad diaper rash can be caused by yeast, and yeast tends to get all out of whack when you take antibiotics - antifungal cream that you'd use on athlete's foot often will knock out a really tenacious (thanks Mom!) diaper rash). I called the doctor's office and asked if I could give her Diflucan, which is what one takes to prevent the other sort of yeast infection, but they said no. They were supposed to call back with a prescription or something to help her, but I didn't hear from them before the end of the day.

She was so dear... I was changing her and it really hurt, and she was trying so hard to be brave, but she said, "Oh, Mommy, oh shoot!" It was cute, even though it broke my heart. BJ was standing right there, so I was glad she didn't say "shit," even though I would've totally understood if she had.

I'm going to make her my magic oatmeal bath tonight (assuming that I can find my Magic Bullet, although I have a mortar and pestle I could use if I can't). It's equal parts oatmeal, ground fine so it doesn't clog the pipes, powdered milk, and baking soda. The oatmeal soothes, the powdered milk moisturizes, and the baking soda softens the water.

I tried to explain to her that now would be an excellent time to become potty trained, because big girl britches would be a lot easier on her bottom than diapers, but she is having none of it. We'll see if her tune changes when the Mickey Mouse panties I ordered for her show up.

I made her a big smoothie today, too, with lots of yogurt, so hopefully the good bacteria will help, too.

It's so hard when they're sick. I'm so grateful that my kids' illnesses are things that can be fixed with yogurt, oatmeal baths, and antibiotics. If it's this hard when it's a teeny tiny problem, I can't imagine how agonizing it must be when it's a big problem.

(Don't forget to check out my mom's new blog! She's doing so great with all this high tech stuff!)

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Other Heather said...

Athlete's foot ointment works well for this - Lotrimin, I think it is? And it's not a prescription.