Saturday, August 23, 2008

And, We're Back! (sort of)

I have never heard any good news about Comcast, but folks, I have to tell you today that they made me one happy customer. We got a call at about 10 am from the technician who said he'd run out of work (how this is possible when the students are coming back this weekend, I will never know) and that he could come right away to fix our cable modem!! SCORE!

And after running all over town, I got a fiberglass pen, of sorts, to clean the corrosion off of my plugger inner on my laptop, so BJ and I did that, and he reassembled it, and it works!

Two down, three to go.

I think the receiver is still ka-put. And we'll need a new router (of course, we'll upgrade, because that's what we do around here. The whole reason things break in the first place is so that we have an excuse to upgrade) but this weekend isn't shaping up to be quite as expensive as we thought it would be.

Too bad, because I was really excited about a new laptop. Mine weighs like 40 pounds. I kick it old school...

So, BJ is at Uncle Brandon's with the girls, and I did some browsing (no purchasing) read a few magazines at Barnes and Noble's, got an iced tea, got some paint samples from Sherwin Williams because I still hate the paint in the kitchen. I think I need to go bolder, darker, so it looks more Craftsman and less Florida - which will only make sense if you've seen my kitchen, and even then may make no sense at all. I need to adopt my sister's approach to painting, which is, "What else am I going to do on the weekend?" She has so many coats of paint on her walls, her house is actually smaller than it was when she started. She also doesn't have two very "helpful" small kids.

I need to stop typing with "air quotes."

So, things are looking up at the house of the Pretty Babies. What's new with everyone else? Leave a comment telling me about your worst electronic disaster, or your best or worst painting experience. Did you paint your walls the color of fresh baby poop? I want to know! (That would be mustard yellow, for the uninitiated).


Rob Monroe said...

Anny loves her painting method:
She picks the paint, I apply the paint. She's actually proud of this.

Currently there is only one white room in my house, and that will probably be tackled this fall sometime. The problem I have is there is a brick fireplace, wood paneling (sp?) on either side of the fireplace, and a lighter colored hardwood floors. I have to figure out a color to work, or just give up a little. We're thinking brick-red (Boston Brick, if you're at home depot) on one wall to compliment, but do the others white.

We'll see.

Glad things are looking up! Have a great Saturday night!

Mimi said...

Hey now! I don't paint THAT OFTEN. I actually hate painting, but it doesn't stop me from taking the ugly color that I bought and slapping it on all of the walls! That's why I have to paint each room three times. I never buy the right color, and I'm too cheap to waste the gallon of paint! Narg!

Mandy said...

YOU kick it old school?
Dude, I don't even HAVE a laptop. We have one desktop computer. Trade ya. ;-)