Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Is Pre-School "School"?

Every time I get a little misty eyed and say, "Mah baybee is starting SCHOOL this fall!" BJ rolls his eyes at me. He says that pre-school is "glorified day care" and that if I tell people she's starting "school" they think I mean "kindergarten."

What say you, internets?


Rob Monroe said...

We call Abby's daycare "school" because she has teachers. Oh yeah, and because it's physically housed in a school!

B.J. said...

The "glorified day care" remark was just a tongue-and-cheek comment. I understand that there's educating going on... after all, you have to learn not to eat paste somewhere.

As for the debate, "pre-school" pretty well by definition it is not "school" since it means "before school".

Really, aside from pulling out the dictionary, my point is that when you say "she's starting school next week" it implies a different scale. Three hours a day twice a week isn't the same as the six hours a day five days a week.

Kathryn said...

You call it whatever you want as long as she likes to go!!

Jeana said...

I think of Kindergarten as school, but you're not alone. Amalah called it the first day of school too, and I was all, huh?